About Rookie Chef

Rookie Chef is a well-designed and engaging kitchen solution that inspires children to learn and grow in a fun way. We provide unprecedented design and innovation in kitchen tools for primary aged children.

Message from the Founder

Rookie Chef was created to bring families together by introducing a way for kids to prepare food in a fun, safe environment. Our hope is that you find in Rookie Chef what we’ve found: that kids become empowered and creative. They take ownership and pride in their work. They are eager to learn and hard to keep up with. We spend more time together, not only during the meal but also while we’re preparing it. That’s when we really get our quality time. It’s natural to talk when you are preparing dinner. It’s so nice when the kids are involved and they have their own space with tools that are safe for them. We’ve created a unique opportunity to teach those life skills and lessons in a comfortable, natural way. As parents we want the best for our kids. It’s true – the Rookie Chef Island Cart and accessories are really neat, but the biggest impact comes from the experience our children gain from using these products.

I hope you enjoy Rookie Chef as much as we do. Remember, cooking is a learning process for your kids – their cake may not turn out, they might burn your food, it’s ok. Perfection is not required. This learning process is a great opportunity to spend time teaching them. If you have a story about how Rookie Chef has impacted your life, I’d personally like to hear it. This is why we do what we do.

– Vanessa Retter, Founder & CEO

About Rookie Brands

Rookie Brands brings real life down to a child’s size. We’ve bridged the gap between pretend play and real life. Our Mobile Kitchen Island Cart shows our innovation and new way of thinking. Our future Brands include Rookie Carpenter, Rookie Gardener, Rookie Business, Rookie Designer and about 10 more. We are a technologically dominated culture that needs balance. Rookie Brands brings that balance in a way no one has ever done before. We follow a pattern of Skill Building activities that allow kids to make something, get dirty, create something to be proud of.

If you have an idea for Rookie Brands, that isn’t already on paper, we will share the profits with you if we produce it. (Must follow the Rookie Business Plan)