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Rookie Chef provides an unprecedented design and innovation in kitchen tools for primary aged children. Rookie Chef is an elegant and engaging kitchen solution that inspires children to learn and grow in a fun way.

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The Need

Children in the “primes” (age 6-12) seek independence and growth, but are disadvantaged in the kitchen due to size. Imagine trying to prep food and have fun when the counter is at chest height! Primes have outgrown children’s play utensils and are eager to help their parents in the kitchen, but there is no product on the market that is just the right fit for them.

Each year, parents spend hundreds of dollars on educational toys that their children quickly outgrow. Competitors offer inadequate kitchen play solutions and toy cooking utensils that allow toddlers to feel included and engaged in the kitchen. However, once the child tires or outgrows these investments, the toys end up cluttering an already overstocked kitchen area and become an eyesore.

There is a need to bridge the gap between toddlers and teens. Rookie Chef is a kitchen solution that is justthe right size, with room to grow. It allows kids to have their own professional tools that are so functionaland stylish, Mom and Dad will want to borrow them!

Rookie Chef bridges the gap between “little plastic kitchens” and a real kitchen by providing a mobile kitchenisland cart that is scaled to fit the size of primes, with prime-sized kitchen accessories, including utensils, bowls, and cooking sets.

But Rookie Chef is more than an island cart and cool accessories – it’s a platform that helps to shape life skills, promote personal growth, and create opportunities for parents to spend quality time with their favorite Rookie.

Competitive Advantages

Rookie Chef is the first custom kitchen island set for children to include real, professional-quality cooking utensils, which are ergonomically designed for kids’ safety and comfort. Rookie Chef is the only kitchen aid to provide the following:

  • An elegantly designed kid’s kitchen island with adjustable height that scales to grow along with your favorite Rookie
  • Ergonomic and easy-to-wash professional quality kitchen utensils sized for children ages 6-12
  • Silicon-gripped cooking tools in bright, attractive colors, engineered with no-mess spill guards
  • First-mover advantage in an emerging market catering to prime-aged kitchen helpers, and the parents who love  to cook with them
  • A growing network of Millennial parents and big-data insight into a currently fragmented, high-growth market
  • A community where kids and parents can share favorite recipes, video tutorials, and cooking tips online
  • Retail distribution and partnership opportunities in the booming industry of child-centric cooking

Customer Value

An average family in the US spends hundreds per year on children’s kitchen play sets, which are quickly outgrown

Rookie Chef levels the cooking field in the kitchen, and provides tools for the child to learn in a fun and engaging way

In the last five years, the market for home kitchen utensils has grown 105% with an increasing focus on children showcasing skills in the kitchen

Order now!  Call 618-589-9101, email us or complete this form for more information.