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What kind of RookieChef will your kid be?
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What kind of RookieChef will your kid be?
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What kind of RookieChef will your kid be?
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What kind of RookieChef will your kid be?

Real Cooking Sets for Kids

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This is the first real kitchen island set designed specifically for pre-tweens. Our kids real cooking set is a mobile kitchen island cart that is scaled down for the size of a child. Learn More »



No kids real cooking and baking set is complete without some safe, fun tools for Primes to use with their Rookie Cart. Soon, your Rookie Chef will be mixing, dicing, and measuring all on his or her own.  Learn More »

Kid & Parent Approved


Rookie Chef bridges the gap between “little plastic kitchens” and a real kitchen by providing a mobile kitchen island and real cookware for kids, scaled for comfort and safety. Learn More »

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We’ve compiled the best-loved and most fun-to-try recipes here for you and your Rookie.

Healthy Eating Tips

Get your Rookie on the path to a lifetime of good health by starting these eating habits early.

Benefits of Cooking

Save money, encourage family bonding, increase nutrition and build healthy habits by eating at home regularly.

For the Kids

Give some of our fun activities for kids a try.


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RookieChef brings the counter top down to the child in a way that has never been done before. No longer do we have to pull up chairs or buy large contraptions. RookieChef’s Island Cart is the perfect next step after pretend play. RookieChef’s kids real cooking set allows children to have their own professional tools that are so functional and stylish, Mom and Dad will want to borrow them!

Let’s Get Cookin’

Just the right size, just the right tools. Rookie Chef is fun within reach. Order your kids real cooking sets today.